777 Charlie isn’t as refined and tightly wound as Gabriela Cowperthwaite’s Meagan Levay within which a marine officer combats in Republic of Iraq along with her willine companion.

I even have a confession to make. i’m not terribly keen on Kanarese films. which includes the grievously immoderate KGF franchise. it absolutely was so a welcome surprise to look at a Kannada film that no-one can dislike. Kiranraj K’s 777 Charlie has its heart within the right place. it’s a plea for canine compassion that tends to accumulate a hysterical tone because it moves towards a bathetic mountingly melodramatic finale. however the vibes stay authentic and positive throughout.

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However it’s its heart-tugging moments. What I adored concerning the film is that it treats the central relationship as a love story. At one purpose the protagonist truly asks his canine companion what quantity she (yes, it’s a she) loves him.

777 Charlie Story

The dog’s reply should be seen to be believed. 777 Charlie combines canine prettiness with kinky generally funny ANd moving incidents that show the growing bonding between the lone wolf hero Dharma (Rakshit Shetty) and also the abandoned dog Charlie who forcibly insinuates herself into Dharma’s life.

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The initial scenes showing the pair’s developing rapport is that the better part of the plot. It exudes an unstrained heat and a supple tenderness, lacking later once things get awkwardly sentimental. within the second half, i believed i used to be look Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Mili, with a canine substitution the titular protagonist.

Admirably, 777 Charlie doesn’t retreat from sentimentality. it’s fearlessly maudlin, wilfully selecting a tearful approach to the plot instead of a a lot of restrained attitude. I conjointly felt that that the plot ran out of steam midway and introduced a road journey with a extremely contrived stopover wherever Charlie develops romantic feelings for a fellow canine. fortunately there aren’t any love ballads for Charlie and her romantic interest.

For all its sins of excessive sentimentality, the film steers removed from approaching any signposts of absurdity. 777 Charlie remains stock-still to a temperate tone. there’s some rather clumsy acting here by a number of the supporting cast. But all the misgivings soften after we verify Charlie’s benevolent eyes.

one among the unforgettable peripheral characters could be a kind recent girl at a wayside food stall who insists on slippy an additional idli on a daily basis within the hero’s breakfast packet.

That’s the mood of the film. it’s perpetually over-generous in serving up the emotions.

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