It’s never too early to think about summer vacation. After the last couple of years, you deserve an incredible getaway this summer. Here are some ideas for the vacation of your dreams. 

Set Sail in the Caribbean 

There’s no better tropical destination than the Caribbean. With so many picturesque islands to choose from, options are endless. Resorts are everywhere, so you have tons of options of where to stay in paradise. No matter where you choose to visit, you’ll experience sandy beaches, clear blue water and the welcoming and relaxed culture of island life.

There’s also much to do. Spend a day hiking or visit an open market and shop. Take a catamaran out and spend an afternoon snorkeling, or simply laze on the beach, rum drink in hand. However you spend your days, make sure to spend plenty of time delighting in Caribbean fare. The food on the islands is delicious, with a unique blend of spices. 

Really, the only tough decision here is where to stay on your trip. It can be tough to just pick one island to visit, and getting between islands can be confusing and challenging. Summer cruises are great options for a getaway. You can visit many islands, while only having to choose one place to stay on your entire adventure. 

Go Wild

Visiting the Wild West is a great way to spend a summer vacation. There are so many options to choose from on a trip out West. Visit a ranch in Wyoming or explore one of the many national parks that make the Western terrain so unique. 

If you’re looking for the true epitome of the West, take a trip to Big Bend in West Texas. Big Bend National Park is an incredible experience. There’s much to do, including hiking, kayaking and horseback riding. You also get your choice of terrain, from mountains to desert. 

Visiting a ranch in Wyoming or Idaho is another great option. Here you can experience staying somewhere that feels luxurious while still partaking in fun ranch activities. Take time to experience cow roping, horseback riding and more. 

Take a Road Trip

With so many great places to visit all over the United States, why not take a road trip? Select a starting point, plan out stops along the way, rent a car and just enjoy the road. Your destiny is determined by you! 

The East Coast is a great option for a road trip. Drive up Highway 1 and stop along the way to see the sites. This road is the most famous drive through California, and it’s no wonder why — the views are breathtaking. Plus, you get to experience all that California has to offer, from great seafood to great wine. 

Driving through the desert in the Western United States is also a fun trip with plenty of stops along the way. Visit national parks such as Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park in Southern Utah. Stop at national monuments and fun markers, including Four Corners, where Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado all meet. 

You can also drive along the famous Route 66. As you’re ambling through the desert, listen to books inspired by such journeys, such as the works of Hunter S. Thompson.  

Explore the Great Alone

If the desert isn’t for you, take a trip to Alaska. Alaska offers picturesque views and so much to do. Whether you’re a fan of fishing, hiking, hunting or camping, Alaska awaits. The beauty of the land of the midnight sun is simply breathtaking. There’s also a lot of great food in Alaska. Try the freshest seafood you can possibly get, or try something more exotic! 

To get to Alaska, fly into Juneau or Anchorage. From there, there’s much to explore. Another option is taking a cruise. Alaskan cruises leave from ports in the Pacific Northwest and can take you to many of the highlights. You’ll get to see icebergs and maybe even the Northern Lights. 

With so much to think about, it’s time to start planning your summer getaway. Don’t leave your vacation planning to the last minute.