Funeral costs can be quite high. Reportedly, the average American family spends around $8,000 on funerals annually. So, unfortunately, even though you might want to give your loved one a beautiful farewell, you might not afford it.

Fortunately, there are ways to cut down on funeral expenses. One way is to consider purchasing an affordable casket from a reputable seller. With the wide range of caskets available, you can choose a beautiful casket that is relatively cheap.

The color of a casket has long been associated with the deceased’s personality. For example, white caskets are often seen as symbols of purity and innocence, while pink caskets are associated with femininity and romance. Others believe a pink casket symbolizes hope and happiness and represents a happy life.

There are several reasons why you should consider a lovely pink casket to buy online for your loved one.

1. Pink Was Their Favorite Color

Pink symbolizes grace, love, and appreciation. It also adds a deep radiance wherever it is used. So, if your loved one would mostly wear pink clothes, paint their house’s walls pink, drive a pink car, or had something pink around them almost every day, a pink casket would be ideal for their send-off.

Getting them a pink casket shows you care about what they liked when they were alive. It makes the farewell suitable to the deceased and not the grieving family and allows you to have fond memories of your loved one.

2. Their Personality Was Spunky Soft

Pink is often associated with a soft personality. So, if your loved one’s personality is soft, you may consider getting them a pink casket. In addition, you can add a pink interior and have it made from a pink velvet, crepe, or satin cloth. The entire casket will be a delightful reminder of the deceased’s personality.

Also, pink can represent a fun, energetic, and adventurous personality. So, if this personality describes your loved one, you may need to get them a pink casket.

3. It’s a Spring Funeral

Spring is mostly warm, bright, and light and can be best expressed by bright and warm colors like pink. So if your loved one’s funeral is during spring, you can make pink your theme color to match the season. Besides getting them a pink casket, you can add pink flowers and accents or have pink ornamentations custom-made as part of the casket’s design.

4. Your Loved One is a Female 

Some people associate pink with a mother’s love and affection. So, if the deceased is a lady, or better still, a mother, it is only honorable to get her a pink casket if you feel that pink is the only color that expresses her personality.

In addition, pink can be attributed to a mother’s kindness and gentleness. A pink casket is elegant, sophisticated, and unique, just like a mother.

5. Your Loved One was a Breast Cancer Awareness Advocate 

Pink is the color for breast cancer. This is after Susan Komen, an organization that began in the early 1980s, began using pink ribbons for breast cancer awareness. From then, pink became the official breast cancer color. So, if your loved one was an advocate for breast cancer awareness, it is only honorable to send them off in a pink casket.


A pink casket is one of the most beautiful things you can give your loved one. This is because it adds beauty to their lives even after death. Also, if you are seeking to break away from tradition, a pink casket is a great addition to your loved one’s funeral.