As a realtor, you undoubtedly know how effective real estate postcards can be. Perhaps you’ve been sending them out periodically to let clients know you’ve got your finger on the market. 

Or, maybe you’re exploring sending them out but haven’t figured out the best way to go about it. 

Companies like Wise Pelican make it incredibly easy. There are many templates to choose from, so you can send various postcards out to your real estate farm to keep them engaged and updated. Keep reading to learn about some ideas for different postcards.

  1. Just Listed Postcards

As the name suggests, these postcards are sent when you have a new listing. This will spark interest in nearby homeowners because it’s always intriguing to find when homes go on the market. It might get them thinking about what they could fetch for their house if they opt to sell.

You should include the listing price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and square footage. Include your contact information and your name, and a professional headshot so people associate you with the postcards.

  1. Open House Postcards

These let people know you’re planning an open house for your listing. They might stop by to check out the house and make contact with you. The relationships established during an open house could turn into additional listings later because the people you meet will keep you in mind when they need a realtor.

  1. Under Contract and Just Sold Postcards

Under contract and just sold, postcards go hand in hand. Send a postcard to let people know when the listing goes under contract. You can’t list the price yet, but keep the listing price visible, so people have a general idea. 

Just sold postcards seal the deal. This time you can list the price the home sold for. In many markets nowadays, homes sell well above the asking price. People may be surprised at what prices homes fetch.

  1. Market Updates Let People Know You’re Active Without Listings

Even if you don’t have active listings, you want people to know you’re still around and the go-to realtor for them. These postcards include information like the number of homes on the market, average sale price, and how long homes spend on the market. It is more generalized information but quite helpful nonetheless.

  1. Seller Valuation Postcards

Also known as comparative market analysis, these postcards let people know what their home is potentially worth by providing a QR code or a website to visit. It’s important to note that this is an approximation rather than an official appraisal. The point is to open the door to a connection and possibly further discussions if they’re interested in selling.

Real Estate Postcards Are Marketing Gold

With these postcard ideas, it’s easy to stay relevant by periodically reaching out to your real estate farm. The templates make it quick and easy to send postcards that show you’ve got what it takes to meet your real estate needs quickly and easily.