When you are deciding to shift your home you have to consider many things. Shifting home from one place to another is a very tedious and hectic job. People who are living with their families are very easy and have no time for shifting items and products from one place to another. Without a checklist, there may be chances arises that you forgot your things as well as you have to put stress on your mind.

With the help of preparing a checklist,  you can perfectly shift your products and items from one place to another. A checklist means a list of things which is going to be done by the movers and packers for shifting products and items from one place to another 

It is an effort to complete the work of shifting items and products from one place to another by taking less time till your shifting day as well as a list of items that require to be done on a specific date or time. A checklist can be prepared before one month, a day before, on shifting day, and after the completion of shifting from one place to another.

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The following are the important  points  to be considered in how to prepare a checklist 

1Make a list of items to be done in the notebook

The first step in making a checklist is to make a list of items to be done in the shifting process. In this list, all the items should be noted that the what is going to do in the upcoming process as well as all the points should be written down which is going to do from point A to B or Starting to the ending point. After that, it is also mentioned in the list that what is to do after reaching the new home as well. 

2Create a budget

It is compulsory to create a budget whenever you decide to prepare a checklist for your shift. It will help you to familiar with the expense incurred on the items to be used in the process of shifting items from one place to another. Moreover, a budget is an estimation by a customer that how he spent his money on purchasing materials, hiring a company and many more things. 

3Organize your documents 

All the very important documents are organized in advance. You can keep all the documents in a file so that they can remain safe and collected in one place. Whenever you have needed this you can collect it from the file 

4Prepare a bag 

It is important to prepare a bag in which all the necessary items can be collected. Your laptops, jewelry, mobile phone, tablets, and other things will remain there. You will keep this bag with you during the transit because in this bag your essential items are gathered. There may be a risk of theft so you should keep this bag with you when you are moving from one place to another.  

5What type of material to be used for packing 

It should be decided and noted in your checklist in advance what type of material you are using for packing your home product and material. Always use superior quality type material for packing your products and items. Superior quality of material like congruent card boxes, bubble paper, and packing paper protects the product from any damages which you are deciding to shift from one place to another and during transit. 

6Use special techniques to shift heavy items 

The workers and staff members of the moving company are very professionals that they use advanced techniques and types of equipment for shifting heavy items. you can ask the staff member of the hiring company what techniques and types of equipment are used for lifting heavy items in the process of shifting items from one place to another and noted it down in your checklist.  

7Stop buying expensive things 

Many people when they are moving to their new home often buy new items. Buying new items is not a good choice because it also increase your expense as well as you forgot your old items. You can note it down in your checklist that to not buy new things as it is a waste of money and it is a free expense for us. You can use old items for your new home. By this, you remain in touch with the memories of your old items as well as they will be reusable in your new home.

8Pack your valuable things

Another important point that would be noted down in your checklist pack is all the valuable things. Valuable things mean which you are connected with for a long time like photographs of your friends, family members, showpieces, and many more things in your home. Keep it in a separate bag that at the time unpacking so that you can easily find them.

9Which company you are hiring 

It is the most important point to make a checklist that which company you are going to hire. Condut a survey, note down the pros and cons of every company, check the history of the company,  rating and the reviews, and customers feedback on the services provided to them, number of years of experience to the staff members and workers of all the company and select the best company from them.

10Clean your new home before shifting 

It is always necessary to make a checklist or point in your notebook to clean your home before shifting. You can write in your notebook that you clean your new home before one day of shifting.

11What are the necessary precaution to be followed in packing fragile items

In your checklist, make a point on how to pack fragile items. Write what type of material can be used to pack fagile plates, cups, spoons, and other kitchenware.


It is very important to make a checklist a month ago to remember things all the things which to be done in shifting your home from one place to another.