Are you considering purchasing your first dab rig? Or are you unsure of dabber usage? Find out more about dab rigs, including how to use one and its advantages.

There are several ways to consume cannabis nowadays. In order to enjoy concentrates and flowers, people are looking for more potent and immersive methods. To get a full-flavored, THC-blasting experience from cannabis concentrate, dabbing is a hugely popular and enjoyable method. You may be completely confused about dabbing, dab rigs, Mini Rig Dab, and what you require. All of your inquiries regarding dabbing, the best dab rig for you, and our suggestions for the finest dabbing experience are welcome.

What Are Dabs?

A cannabis concentrate is heated during the dabbing process to produce a vapor that you may breathe in and enjoy. Dabs might be wax, shatter, or any brightly colored substance with a viscosity like honey. The concentrate will be inserted into the rig’s nail using a dabber.

What Are the Different Parts of a Dab Rig?

You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re new to dabbing and want to buy a rig to help you become an experienced vapory veteran. The greatest equipment is offered at Stoned Genie, along with the cool bongs, pipes, and dab rigs.

They are known as “dab rigs,” and although they resemble water pipes, they are made expressly for dabbing. They often come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors and are manufactured of glass. Everything is up to personal taste. We provide dab rigs in various price ranges! A connected well and mouthpiece are features of dab rigs. You’ll also need your preferred concentration, a nail, a light, and cotton swabs.

Nail: The nail, which you heat on the dab rig so that the concentrate will be simple to melt and evaporate, is the well. Since it is the reason why the rig is a rig and not just a regular water pipe, the dab rig nail is the most crucial component of the apparatus. A torch is used to heat it to an extreme degree. When heating the nail, avoid touching it.

Dabber: The dabber, sometimes referred to as a dab tool, is used to pick up the wax and insert it into the nail. Any utensil will do, however dab tools are the most common.

Torch: A torch uses butane to blast flames, heating the nail to a temperature where the concentrate melts and you can breathe. The process of using a torch is quick and simple. The nail should be heated with your torch until it is burning red. Next, use the dab tool to drop the wax inside.

Carb Caps: The nail is covered with one of these small caps to improve ventilation. They are useful even when they are not required.

Cotton Swabs: After using your dab rig, always wipe it with cleaning alcohol and Q-tips. A rusted rig is not what you want.

Storage cases – Many stores sell containers in which you may put your dab setup and other equipment. You don’t want to destroy a rig and ruin the party since rigs are delicate.

Choosing the Right Dab Rig

Always pick one that complements your style, price range, and mobility. Although dabbing is not a quick or convenient way to consume cannabis, it is an engaging and intensely enjoyable experience. We provide the market’s best-looking and highest-quality rig range. Otherwise, go for a smaller rig so the vapor can reach your lips as quickly as possible. Make sure there aren’t too many percolators so the wax isn’t too distilled.

In order to facilitate greater cooling, dab rigs should also store water. Titanium, quartz, or ceramic nails are the best options since they can tolerate repeated heating and cooling. At Stoned Genie, whatever you decide is always the right decision.

How to Dab Like A Pro

Dabbing is considerably simpler than you may realize. Now that you are aware of the many components, we can explain how it works.

Your dab rig and concentration should be prepared first. Heat the nail with the torch until it emits a consistent red flame. Don’t touch the nail until it has heated up. Instead, inject the wax into the nail with your dab tool. As long as the concentrate is in the nail, be sure to keep your lips above the mouthpiece. As it warms and melts, the concentrate will turn into a vapor. Take a whiff, and relish it.

Ready to Find Your Dab Rig?

Hope you gained a lot of knowledge and are prepared to get your first dab rig from us. Dabbing is well-liked and a lot of fun. We carry and are ready to assist you with any glass or dab needs you may have. Shop online with us and may your daze be filled with haze.

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