Google has so many amazing apps and options for users who want to do something creative and want to have these tools at a very minimal investment for themselves. Google Workspace is one of the best options to go for if you are a small business. One of the advantages of using Google Workspace is that you are already using many of these tools in your daily lives. 

This is one of the blessings of technology that we have one of the best tools at a very affordable rate and is available for users for free as well. Even if you are using the most basic versions it can get you through a lot. All you need to do is download these apps on your phone or computer using the internet. You can make things more affordable for yourself and your business by getting a high speed Internet service like the ones offered by Spectrum. Spectrum’s speeds and rates are simply remarkable and lets you get these tools keeping your budget intact. This makes Google Workspace very approachable for you and your employees too. Let’s have a look at the different apps that you can use by Google Workspace: h

Google Docs

Google Docs is one of Google’s widely used word processor app that is based on a web-based interface. The purpose of the app is to make sure that users collaborate with each other on projects and for that Google Docs provides support for allowing around 10 people who can work on a document at the same time and around 200 users can view the document simultaneously. You can also keep a track of the changes that any of the users made to the document and if you want to save or restore to a previous version of the document then you can simply do that with the Version History option. Apart from that, there are so many useful options that are offered for your employees or small-scale business. 

Google Insights

We all need our business to perform effectively and getting insights for reporting so that they are aware of their business and their current standing. Also, it is very useful to determine if they want to make more investments or cut down their expenses on a certain source. Google Insights is very useful for managers deployed on all levels of the business and provides them a clear picture of the business activities and performance of the employees. If you are a manager or a business that wants comprehensive and clear insights about your business, then this is the tool that you must have. 

Google Currents

This is a community hub offered by Google Workspace and a remnant of the former Google+. Google Currents is a social media platform for your employees and is specifically designed for businesses that have too many employees and for businesses where the staff works remotely. In such a business setting and working condition, Google Currents will boost social interaction between workgroups and employees. As employees, your people can post different kinds of thought-provoking and motivational stuff on the home stream. You can make these posts searchable using tags for your staff, there are Admins and moderators who can moderate all the ongoing comments and conversations. 


Apart from the standard features offered by Google that includes, email filters, message scheduling, spam blocking, snoozing and so many other features are offered to users. The Google Workspace comes with an ad-free experience and gets users the option of customizing and getting your employees customized email addresses so that they can match their email address with their company domain. It gets integrated easily with other tools offered by Workspace and enables users to send meeting invites or get into a discussion on projects using apps like Google Chat and Google Meet. 

Google Vault

This is one of the most useful tools that your business must have. If you are someone who is very particular about their data and its protection, then this is the tool by Google that you should have. You can outline different retention policies for your business and determine which users can access data and information and for how long you are looking forward to store this information. Google Vault helps you navigate through the complex and the changing world of data and data policies and makes things more comprehensive for managers and decision-makers. You can also compile different audit reports and export content into different formats as well.

In the end, one can say that adding these tools to your business does not require you to have some special abilities and you can ensure integrity and usability of these tools almost at all levels. You can also expect these tools to be very affordable even if you are an individual user as well. 

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