Extraterrestrial beings tour the galaxy to unfastened men “oppressed” with the aid of using Gayniggers girls to make manner for an entirely-gay society.



Morten Lindberg

Gayniggers from Outer Space


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Per KristensenMorten Lindberg


Coco C.P. DalbertSammy SalomonGbatokai Dakinah

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Morten Lindberg, Per Kristensen, Denmark, 1993,Gayniggers

26 min.DK/Short fiction

Five gays are homosexual-patrolling our sun device and thereby they find out the planet Earth. They take a look at this unknown planet and to their horror they recognise that ladies nevertheless exist. A homosexual agent is beamed to Earth and whilst he’s assaulted and wounded with the aid of using a woman, captain B. Dick of the spacecraft makes a decision to release operation FEMALE EXTERMINATION