This recap of House of the Dragon’ sixth episode contains spoilers for … well, for House of the Dragon’ sixth episode. That’ just about what a recap is. Proceed accordingly.

If you’re simply change of integrity us, here are recaps of episodes one, two, three, four and five.

That wind you felt whooshing past your face as this episode opened is ten years of story time, within which developments huge (a whole new generation of privileged aristocratical jerks have arrived!) and tiny (Larys is keepin’ on creepin’ on) have return to pass. Daemon continues to be smirking his approach through life, tho’ he looks to own softened a bit, currently that he’ a family man, whereas Rhaenyra and particularly Alicent have hardened — or at least, adult additional resolved. Distilled, during a way.

House of the Dragon, wouldn’t it are nice to visualize that method happen? To pay longer with Rhaenyra and Alicent as they found their new level, had their initial kids? Maybe. There’ actually a way that each of them have shifted from specializing in themselves and their several stations to worrying concerning their kids. It makes sense, given however precarious the things they’ve place themselves in remain; worry is that the value of power. however I can’t facilitate feeling we’ve been denied the prospect to visualize them grow into adults in their own right, rather than exclusively in reference to the boys in their lives.

It’ astounding; time is short [House of the Dragon]

Open on: blue blood Rhaenyra’ bedchamber. She’ having her third kid. All boys. initial there was Jacaerys (he goes by Jayce). Then there was Lucerys (he goes by Luke). currently comes li’l choreographer (he goes by Braden). (Kidding! He’ Joff. It’ simply funny however martyr R.R. Martin’ high-fantasy monikers continually appear to urge changed into names you’d realize on a varsity-lacrosse team roster. Welcome, Ser Cody! To arms, Ser Eli! Lord Zeke, hail!)

In House of the Dragon, All 3 of Rhaenyra’ children have brown hair, that is notable as a result of each Rhaenyra and her husband Laenor sport the noble metal wigs, er, hair that testifies to their recent Valyrian bloodlines.

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conjointly notable: Family friend Harwin Strong, captain of the town Watch, may be a buirdly bear of a person who hangs around Rhaenyra and her kids an incredible lot, mercantilism long, smoldering (foreshadowing!) appearance with her.

Laenor doesn’t appear to mind, as he’ preoccupied together with his new horseplay-twink Ser Qarl Correy, and with being a uproariously lousy husband once Queen Alicent requests (read: demands) to visualize Rhaenyra’ newest child moments when he’ born. “Was it … very painful?” Laenor asks of the birth, that in his mind seemingly counts as empathy. (Actor John MacMillan has a ball because the vain, feckless Laenor, who isn’t the type of character who tends to hold around long in brutal Westeros; relish this performance whereas you can, as a result of I positive am.)

It’ a long, painful walk up a jammed steps to deliver the child to the king and queen — during a receiving space embellished with tapestries that, I’m happy to report, don’t feature any privates at all.

Adult Alicent is one shaaaaady queen, acknowledgement Rhaenyra with insincere surprise to visualize her, then job everyone’ attention to Laenor’ call to call the kid choreographer (after his pummeled-into-puree initial love, the Knight of Kisses) and at last remarking to Laenor that if he keeps trying, he’ll eventually get a child who seems like him. i do know drag queens who couldn’t add 3 such sick burns in thus short a time.

one or two different things to notice during this scene: Ser Criston Cole isn’t decay in jail for the terribly public murder of choreographer last episode; in fact, he’ been promoted to the queen’ personal guard. This bugs me quite it will any of the characters — together with Laenor, mystifyingly enough — so i suppose I even have to let it go.

Also: the king’ health is failing. All those Iron Throne cuts have semiconductor diode to the amputation of his left forearm, he’ taken on a shuffling gait and a grey skin colour conjointly his hairline has retreated; it’ presently holding at “Riff-Raff from Rocky Horror” status.

The youngsters are all wrong in House of the Dragon !!

Cut to: The House of the Dragon pit, wherever Jayce and Luke, together with Aegon and Aemond Targaryen, the platinum-tressed sons of Alicent and therefore the king, are LARPing the way to Train Your Dragon.

Specifically, young Jayce is learning to regulate his dragon. Welcome to the stage: Vermax! The show’ fifth dragon! (Aegon’ dragon Sunfyre gets a passing mention, however you recognize the rules: We don’t count our dragons till we have a tendency to really see them within the scaly flesh.)

There’ meant to be some tension, here, as Jayce ought to be carrying the dragonriding sequence on each his X (Targaryen) and Y (Velaryon) chromosomes; however his father’ a Strong. Turns out, however, that mom’ blood is nice enough, and Jaecerys manages to urge Vermax to form himself roast mutton for dinner.

Jayce, Luke and Aegon play a prank on glum Aemond, who doesn’t nonetheless have a dragon of his own. They…dress up a pig. No, it’ not a very good prank, however it succeeds in causation young Aemond down into the bowels of the Dragonpit, wherever he’ confronted by a dragon (sorry; couldn’t tell that one — let American state recognize if you could) who nearly immolates him.

Alicent listens as her girl Helaena nerds out over some bugs; the queen is clearly bored silly. She has the planning on her face my ma would get whenever I’d with excitement begin explaining the distinction between Sindar and Noldor elves to her. however as they’re fixing Helaena as dreamy and prophetical, we must always maybe note of what she whispers to herself as Alicent berates Aemond for happening into the Dragonpit, and assures him he’ll get a dragon one day. Namely: “The last ring has no legs at all,” and “He’ll need to shut an eye.” Clip and except your records.

Viserys is functioning on his models as Alicent complains to him concerning Jayce and Luke, and wonders aloud why their dragon eggs hatched at all. The king doesn’t need to believe that his girl and heir would go out on her husband, thus he tries to pawn Alicent off with a flimsy piece of horse-breeding mansplaining before warning to not repeat her allegation to anyone else.

Cut to: Alicent continuance her allegation to Criston Cole. Who compares Rhaenyra to a spider who “sucks her prey dry” and manages to sound each bitter and wistful as he says it.

“I need to believe that within the finish honor and decency can prevail,” says Alicent, as a result of she hasn’t browse these books. (This is that the second time the queen has invoked the lofty notion of “decency” — keep that in mind after we see wherever things stand at the end of the episode.) She mentions their have to be compelled to “hew” to it ideal, and to every other.

we have a tendency to don’t witness them sweatily hewing to each other, however. Not yet, at least. as a result of lord is aware of if they were gonna hew, we’d see it. In slow motion.

In House of the Dragon during a window that appears tons just like the one that, in three hundred years’ time, King choreographer would offrey himself from, and therefore the one that Queen Cersei would typically gaze out whereas cradling a goblet of wine, we discover young Aegon, pleasuring himself. totally different strokes.

The queen confronts him concerning the porcine prank, and must prompt him (and us, within the process) that their family needs to stick together, if they’re to survive.

House of the Dragon’s Daemon sits through a timeshare presentation

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Cut to: the town of Pentos, across the ocean from King’ Landing. higher than a mansion on a sea-coast cliff, 2 dragons zoom about. There’ Daemon Targaryen, astraddle smart ol’ acquainted Caraxes, and suddenly…there’ a giant, furrowed antique of a dragon flying above him.

Welcome to the stage of House of the Dragon, Vhagar! Ridden by Laena, adult female of Daemon!

Now. I aforementioned last week that Laena’ dragon was an enormous deal, and here’ why. Vhagar was one among the 3 dragons that the initial Targaryen king Aegon I conquered we have a tendency tosteros with, over one hundred years before the events on this show. She’ the oldest, largest and fiercest dragon presently in existence. you may recall the then 12-year-old Laena asking the king concerning her whereabouts, on their cringey start in episode two.

thus whereas they are doingn’t show us however Laena became her dragonrider, they do build a big factor of it. We see Laena and Daemon using their dragons to entertain one another mid-air, with a bit pyromaniacal foreplay.

In House of the Dragon Later, at a lavish dinner, the blue blood of Pentos offers to let Daemon, Laena and their twin daughters Baela and Rhaena board the mansion they’re currently visiting in exchange for defensive Pentos with their dragons, ought to the Triarchy ask for to beat it. (He mentions that the Triarchy have joined with Dorne, the south of the Seven Kingdoms; this can seemingly become vital later.)

Laena hates the idea, and longs to come to her ancestral home on Driftmark. Daemon seriously considers the offer, as he’ manifestly had his fill of shifting loyalties and endless scheming. He fancies himself a person of action, not words, however he’ painfully tempted by the prospect of turning into a man of inaction.

Back in King’ Landing, Criston Cole is coaching the royal twerps in brand combat because the more and more wizen king appearance on. Cole favors Aegon and Aemond whereas treating Jayce and Luke cruelly, that are some things their true father Harwin robust notices, and takes issue with. once Cole not-so-subtly hints at Jacye and Luke’ true parentage, Harwin yield to allow Cole a small style of the face-punchy medication Cole gave to Ser Joffrey, years before.

In House of the Dragon, once Rhaenyra learns of this, she avails herself of her bedchamber’ secret door to listen upon Lyonel robust reprimand his son for gap himself, associate degreed his House, to vile accusations.

Back in her bedchamber, a sottish Laenor stumbles in with Qarl and, when demonstrating an abstract and clinical understanding of feminine anatomy (get it?), declares that his aim to come to the ocean to fight the Triarchy, who have started creating bother within the Stepstones again.

Rhaenyra, knowing precisely however vulnerable Harwin’ actions have created her, forbids Laenor from exploit her side. we have a tendency to learn that Laenor is aware of exactly who the kids’ real father is, even supposing Rhaenyra keeps lying to him. I don’t love Rhaenyra’ line concerning she doesn’t need Laenor “waggling his brand and winking at his sailors”— it’ a bit cheap; i favor to assume my gal Rhaenyra’ classier and additional clever than that.

The king might really use a Hand in House of the Dragon

Back in Pentos, a awfully pregnant Laena visits her girl Rhaena, whose dragon egg still hasn’t hatched. we have a tendency to get a bit of business concerning the distinction between bonding to a dragon at birth, as Rhaena’ twin Baela did, and bonding with one presently in life, as Laena did to Vhagar. we have a tendency to conjointly get a glimpse of Daemon and Laena’ relationship, that isn’t nice — as Daemon has taken to obtaining drunk and ill-natured and holing himself up within the mansion’ library, reading about ancient dragonlords.

“You’re higher than this,” Laena tells him; to Daemon’ credit, he looks even less convinced of this than I am. [House of the Dragon]

In King’ Landing, at the tiny Council, Rhaenyra and Alicent tangle over matters of state, {including|as we have a tendency toll as|together with} the fate of the Stepstones, that are left undefended. It’ been ten years since we Saturday at this table, and a fast go searching reveals that Tyland Lannister continues to be intrusive and squirrelly, whereas recent Lord Beesbury is well into his second childhood and running on a 10-second Zoom lag.

Rhaenyra acknowledges the strain between herself and Alicent, and offers to marry her son Jaecerys to Alicent’ girl Helaena, uniting their families. The king loves this plan. Alicent will not.

(I confess I even have no idea what narrative work the show thinks it’ doing by giving Rhaenyra’ leaky breasts a full moment during this scene.)

Ser Lyonel robust tries to resign as Hand of the King, House of the Dragon however won’t begin and say why, wherever “why” equals “because my son is boning your girl on the regular and everybody is aware of it but you.” Alicent, cannily, pleads him with him to return out and say it, but he refuses, therefore the king insists he keep on. Lyonel asks for leave to require Harwin to the seat of House Strong, the massive, haunted, cursed and partly-in-ruins castle known as Harrenhal. (We visited it approach back within the starting of episode one — it’ wherever the heir to King Jaeherys was decided.)

A annoyed Alicent arrives late to her regular dinner with Ser Larys Strong, who looks to own rapt up in the world, and created a footing for himself because the Queen’ unofficial spymaster, gathering intel on friend and foe alike.

“The truth has several flavors,” he tells her, whereas stuffing his face. Alicent complains that if her father Otto Hightower were still the King’ Hand, he’d be ready to tell the king the reality concerning Rhaenyra and acquire through to him. (This conviction of hers is entirely undercut by the actual fact that one or two episode back, she overheard Otto making an attempt to win over the king about Rhaenyra and Daemon, and totally did not get through to him then.)

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Alicent complains of getting nobody house of the dragon on her side, and that’ all Larys has to hear. He’ off to the dungeons to recruit “a murderer, a deviant and a traitor to the crown” — that’ 3 totally different prisoners, by the way, not one significantly accomplished and versatile unhealthy guy. we have a tendency to get an effort of a logo on Larys’ walking stick, that appearance to American state sort of a homopterous insect, maybe?

In exchange for his or her freedom House of the dragon, they need to do employment for him. to confirm their secrecy, he cuts out their tongues. however he follows this up by giving them brooches that match the cicada symbol on his walking stick, thus essentially his security protocols are simply everywhere the damn map. to mention nothing of his symbolism, as a result of cicadas aren’t precisely far-famed for their stony silence, you know? splendidly chatty insects, they. thus this whole arrange wants a top-down rethink, really. rent an outdoor consultant, Larys. Get associate degree objective view, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Burnt-out ends of smoky…minor characters

House of the Dragon, Back in Pentos, Laena is in labor, and it’ going very poorly. Gerardys, the maester of Dragonstone, is taking care of her. (The book tell U.S. House of the Dragon : Daemon flew him in from Dragonstone on Caraxys; Pentos should have a very lousy HMO.) He provides Daemon constant awful selection his brother was given, back in episode one: the kid or the mother.

House of the Dragon, Somehow (and this can be far and away the smallest amount convincing development so far, on a show that options fire-breathing dragons), within the six seconds Daemon and therefore the doc are conversing, Laena manages to urge out of bed and leave behind the various attendants who were swarming concerning her.

  • thus i suppose I can’t extremely decision them attendants, as they weren’t really in attendance. Absentants, maybe.
  • In nice pain, she stumbles dead set the dragon…stable? Pen? Roost? The place wherever Vhagar is resting, anyway.
  • She commands the wheezy, rheumy recent gal to burn her up with dragonbreath. that she does, eventually, even as Daemon steps outside in time to observe the full unhappy business go down.
  • Back within the Red Keep, Harwin says farewell to his sons, one among whom — Jayce— realizes the truth.
  • Rhaenyra tells Laenor that she needs to depart King’ Landing’ pit of vipers and survive Dragonstone permanently — which he will bring Qarl on for the ride.
  • Lyonel and Harwin robust attain Harrenhal, followed closely by Larys’ homopterous insect Taskforce. Who proceed to lock the 2 lords in their rooms and burn the whole place down.

House of the Dragon, Rhaenyra associate degreed Co. arrive on Dragonstone whereas Larys gets an extended voiceover concerning how kids are “a weakness, a folly, a futility” and the way “love may be a downfall,” and how a life unencumbered is that the life for him. however the guy’ such confirmed creep that I’ve no confidence he’ speaking from a footing of authority on the topic of relationships, you know? Like, this can be not the guy to be giving that specific Teddy boy Talk.

A image of pictures plays below this speech: House of the Dragon troopers fishing Lyonel and Harwin’ burnt bodies from the rubble, Baela and Rhaena mourning over their mother’ burnt skeleton as Daemon (contain your surprise) fails totally to comfort them; Viserys mourning over the marriage ring of his initial wife, Aemma, whereas a rat scuttles over his fire mantel.

As Larys explains that he was merely functioning on Alicent’ request, which Otto can currently be reinstated as Hand of the King, she makes a show of simulation to be aghast and appalled. Decency, schmecency.

Parting Thoughts:

House of the Dragon, I do like all the content dragon-logistics business we’re finally obtaining here: Training, bonding, their use as in-flight by-proxy stimulation between amatory couples. Speaking of:

Welcome, Vermax and Vhagar! The official Dragoncount leaps to six! And within the method we have a tendency to get 2 ends of the draconic life-cycle: Petulant, snot-nosed whelp Vermax, and tired, cranky, over-it recent gal Vhagar. One factor to stay in mind: With Laena’ death, Vhagar, the most important and fiercest dragon in the world, is currently riderless. That’ the type of power vacuum that nature, and Westeros, abhors. Yes, the rats in the Red Keep are a thing. there’ll be a payoff.

within House of the Dragon book, Laena dies shortly when delivering a stillborn son, collapsing as she’ creating her thanks to ride Vhagar one last time. Her suicide by dragon here is clearly a deliberate selection on the a part of the showrunners, and it will lend her additional agency than the book does, however holy cow that’ some pretty dark agency, right there. If you were hoping to find, among successive generation of Targaryens and Velaryons.

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