Not several swing it like Harmanpreet Kaur. Catch the highlights of her mayhem at the tip of the knock. She doesn’t carve over off; she fluidly scoops. She doesn’t heave to leg; she swings them.

As Harmanpreet Kaur incontestable throughout her 143 against England, a mix of fluid bat-swing and finishing the shot has elevated batting in women’s cricket in recent years it had been a mishit really, off the fifth ball she moon-faced on Wednesday evening against England, however it aforesaid a lot of about Harmanpreet Kaur’s bat-swing, the soul of her batting.

it had been a delicate length delivery from the left-armer Freyja Kemp – who would cop it from Harmanpreet Kaur within the finish overs – and it appeared a regulation push, however her hands got removed from her, as if on a mind of their own; she close to checked it and searched with slightly of concern but even that handcuffed flow had broken the blow out of the water the position fielder for one or two of runs.

Not several swing it like Harmanpreet Kaur. Catch the highlights of her mayhem at the tip of the knock. She doesn’t carve over off; she fluidly scoops. She doesn’t heave to leg; she swings them. one among Indian cricket’s huge hitters of yesteryears Andres Martinez Durani features a beautiful verb to detail his sixes. “I raised him for a six, I lifted him over long-on and such …”; Salim bhai ne’er uses ‘hit’. Harmanpreet Kaur will with pride use a similar lingo.

Women’s Cricket however the larger image here, on the far side Harmanpreet Kaur, in women’s cricket within the past decade roughly is that this evolution in the bat-swing. within the 80’s, the batting of the Indians and overseas batters was marked by the absence of a runniness within the bat-swing. As if the bulk would react when the ball lands to try and do their thing, yanking, dragging, heaving at the last instant. there have been exceptions in fact however it’s the norm that one is interested in. the dearth of bowling speed and quality of fielding were comprehensible but this bat-swing would irk. No longer, of course.

Healy and Sciver

Check the highest 3 hierarchical ladies ODI batters. Let’s think about 2 of them: Australia’s Alyssa Healy and England’s Nat Sciver. Healy pounces on the ball in a lot of a similar means Ricky Ponting would; not a la mode of the shots however within the game-sense, in her busy-ness.

And is there the other top-order batter who hits the ball as arduous as Sciver? Women’s Crciket, It’s one issue to fuel the large aerial hits with power, but Sciver looks to pack the standard ground shots with additional power than most; she will very ‘crunch’ her drives. As associate aside, Sciver has the ‘Natmeg’ shot too, wherever she ever-so nervelessly nutmegs yorkers between her legs.


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In Women’s Cricket it is a typical thing concerning all these batters – and one will embody Smriti Mandhana, who hit a stunning ninety one within the initial ODI against European country – is that the runniness in the bat-swing and the way they appear to really homework up for it, before the ball.

Staying with the shot {Harmanpreet kaur}

Women’s Cricket Second issue is how they stick with the shot, end it, not get previous themselves, be it with the thought of running between the wickets or whatever. we frequently see it in the amateur cricket that we have a tendency to play; the $64000 dadas finish the shot; the rest folks would hit it and are already attempting to scramble across. Once Suresh Raina learnt to remain along with his shots, end them (think of his aerial punch over covers off seamers), his white-ball cricket took off to a different level.

In women’s cricket a mix of those 2 components – the bat-swing and staying with the shot to its sweet finish – has elevated batting in women’s cricket in recent years.

Watch Alyssa Healy next time she bats. once the spinners are on, she additional typically than not has her bat grounded within the stance. Against the seamers though, she has it up and ready, waist-high, and truly will a apparatus swing of kinds with the bat – a mock drill for the $64000 one as a prep. Former Australia batter and coach Greg Chappell may be a nice believer of the pendulum swing and accustomed typically remark it.

He was against cocking the hand too early and obtaining the bat up too early because it inhibits the free flow and conjointly disrupts the defense, just in case a batter must block. Alyssa’s focus looks to air that bat-swing pretty early within the piece.

As will Sciver, who despite pace or spin, gets her bat into that pre-shot apparatus loop, if something with larger vigour, and possibly why she manages to ‘crunch’ her drives real hard.

and every one of them stick with the shot all the means until the post-impact extension is absolutely done.

Smriti Mandhana’s robust top-hand

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Let’s cue up an additional cowl drive from Mandhana throughout her 91, once she was on 10. Issy Wong with a length ball and not a lot of pace too to figure with (111kmph), however Mandhana doesn’t over-hit it. Stretches well forward associated simply caresses it, staying with the shot – and also the push-drive has the ball plummeting between additional cowl and mid-off.

In Women’s Cricket Harmanpreet Kaur even practises with an actual golf driver before any knock at nets. “She uses the golf-swing simulation for hip-shoulder dissociation. It’s her own distinctive thing,” the Republic of India physio Anand Date had told this newspaper throughout the Commonwealth Games. “Harmanpreet kaur features a natural swing, and it helps her get into rhythm.”

It’s within the follow-through arc the bat cuts that her batting runniness screams out all that more. She finishes the shot, together with her bat traversing all the high and over and behind her shoulders. She doesn’t twiddling my thumbs at all. It’s most pronounced once she is in her assaultive part as she was close to the tip of her hundred on Wednesday. Then there’s no doubt, no hesitancy in holding back, she tries to choose length early and lets the bat-swing bear unimpeded.

Mandhana is nonchalantly domineering in her lofted shots to the seamers. Like Sourav Ganguly, the batter she now and then resembles in Women’s Cricket, she was a natural right-hander who reborn to a left-handed batter. In her elder brother’s telling it had been as a result of she used his recent left-handed gloves once she took up the sport and in her account, it’s because their father had a issue for left-handers.

It’s simple to envision why her top hand is that the stronger one. there’s a theory going around in cricket that folks have gotten the batting grip all wrong — traditionally, the highest hand is the weaker for the right-handed batters and most grip the bat additional powerfully in their bottom hand, their natural hand.

the idea is that the highest hand ought to be firmer and also the bottom hand looser. you’ll be able to see that in Mandhana. she will bear the road of the ball, causation it up and over position rather nonchalantly.

Finishing the shot in Women’s Cricket, runniness within the bat-swing, even prepping for it in stance, weren’t commonplace in women’s cricket in the distant past. No longer, though. It’s crash, bang, wallop time – all skillfully woven together.