Baccarat is a fun and easy game that has always been the people’s favourite right from the time people were able to play them. Prior to this time, the only way you could play baccarat was by visiting an online casino close to you and if there was no one close you’d have to find a day you’ll be free within the week or month and drive down to a casino to enjoy a game of baccarat. 

Fast forward to the present, it’s now possible to play baccarat in an online casino and it no longer matters if a casino is close to you, you can enjoy the game anytime, any day as long as you are connected to the Internet. 

People have so much faith in the game of baccarat because it’s a game that’s based on luck, though there are some strategies to follow to increase your odds, but even without those strategies if you are lucky enough you could win real money from playing baccarat. Also, it’s difficult to cheat in a game of baccarat especially when it’s being played in brick and mortar casino because the dealer will not be able to tell what the player is staking on. In online casinos, there are two ways to play baccarat, either play the live version where you can see the dealer or the machine dealer version. There are rounds about online casinos being fake and capable of ripping you off your hard earned money. Some even go as far as saying that it doesn’t matter the type of game you play, even though it’s a simple game as baccarat, it could still be rigged. Are these allegations true? Every player who loves playing baccarat, must have had those thoughts cross their mind as well because even though we love playing the game, the aim is to make money from it if we can and if that aim is defeated, it beats the purpose of even paying to play right? That’s why in this blog post, we’ll be looking at if live baccarat is legit or not and as a bonus, I’ll also be telling you how to make money when playing baccarat online.

Is live baccarat legit?

Do you enjoy watching the dealer, deal the cards to you when playing the game of baccarat? Then you’d love playing live baccarat more than machine dealer baccarat. For the two variations of baccarat, the question remains the same, are they legit or a scam? It’s a yes and no answer. Confused? I’ll explain.

When you play live baccarat from trusted online casinos you’ll be sure that what you get is what you truly got and you are not being rigged. How am I so sure? I know this because registered and trusted online casinos are always being watched by people and gaming organizations that ensure that those casinos are operating fairly and if they operated unfairly it could spell the end for the company coupled with the court cases they might have to deal with.

But if you play in untrusted casinos sites then it’s possible the game is rigged and you could get ripped off. The reason is untrusted and unlicensed casinos do not care about fair gameplay since they are out to make money that’s why you must ensure that the online casino you want to play in has a license and a good positive review online.

How can I make real money from playing baccarat in online casinos?

Earlier, I mentioned that even though baccarat is seen as a game of luck, there are strategies that if followed could greatly increase your odds of winning most of the time when playing online. 

Do note that these strategies are not based on a single hand rather they are based on the number of hands you play per hour. 

Without further ado, I’ll be telling you some of the most effective online strategies that have worked for me and several other people online.

The one-sided betting system 

This is one of the simplest strategies you can employ to win real money when playing online baccarat

Every baccarat player knows that the game provides you with three options, as the bettor you can place your bets on the player, banker, or a tie. Professional players know that betting on the tie is a bad omen so you are left with two choices, you can either bet on the player or the banker.

That’s where the strategy comes into play. As the name implies, for this betting system you’ll be strictly betting on either the player’s hand or the banker’s hand for every hand that’s dealt. For this strategy, you’ll just have to trust the consistency of your bets and hope that you end up at the right side of the 50/50 bet by the end of the game. 

The paroli system 

If you ever looked into betting strategies in baccarat that are effective and work then you must have heard of the paroli system. The paroli system is a popular betting setting and in this betting system, you double the amount of each winning bet. The paroli strategy aims to win three games in a row.

Here’s a breakdown of how it works. Let’s say you begin the game with a $10 bet on the banker’s hand. You’ll have to continue with that bet until you make your first win. After making your first win, increase your stake to $20 instead of the initial $10. If you happen to win again you’ll increase your bet to $40. You’ll continue your winning streak in that matter and only stop doubling the staking amount when you feel like it or when you lose. If you should fail, you’ll start from $10 again.