Assignments can be an interesting way to write and learn about different topics during your academics. If you follow the right instructors, then you can score well. If it is an essay assignment given to you, you need to understand that there are different types of writing an essay. Often, the professor gives the assignment of working on an argumentative essay for which the first-time writer would also need online assignment help so he can understand what it is. Once the basic idea about such an essay is clear, it will be easy for the person to cover the rest of the content without hassle.

What is an argumentative essay?

Essay writing is one type of assignment often given to students to improve their research and writing skills. Talking of one such type of essay is an argumentative one. It is, in other words, more of a debate where the writer has to talk about a certain topic and highlight the points which show its other perspective. In simpler words, this writing piece should highlight the issue associated with the topic. It is a healthy debate where the writer would pinpoint the reasons and offer some evidence to convince the audience about the viewpoint on the topic.

This type of writing is a common assignment that is given to college and school students. Most topic ideas would consist of politics, science, technology and healthcare, to name some. These are two important characteristics of such a write-up:

l Viewpoint: The writer needs to talk and present his viewpoint in the topic’s beginning section itself, which is the introduction.

l In-depth analysis: The writer should analyse the subject, contrast the ideas carefully, and explain the basis on which the writer makes such assumptions. 

Choosing a Good Argumentative Essay Assignment Topic: Here’s What You Need to Do:

l Know if the sufficient research is available:

While choosing the topic that you want to argue on, make sure you choose the topic on which there is sufficient research material available. The research-able content should be from credible sources and have strong facts stances to support it. These materials should be easy to find from a genuine online site or library.

l Debatable subject:

As the name suggests, the assignment is argumentative, so the topic you choose should be debatable too. For this, come up with a topic that seems quite controversial and has different viewpoints already set. For example, suppose you want to cover the topic of security guards’ importance in the banks. Well, no debate can be conducted because everyone would agree that a bank needs security and security guards are important. But you can cover the topic of punishment that bank robbers can get. Since such a topic can have different thoughts and opinions, it can be debatable.


The argumentative essay can be an interesting assignment to work on, but you should be well versed with its overall structure before you start writing. The instructor should first discuss your chosen topic if he has not assigned you one. Make sure the topic reflects two sides of the coin, and you have to justify either of the sides in much convincing way. By following the above attributes, you can make your assignment more interesting. Take your time to do good research on the topic, as the content you draft will be assessed by experienced readers.

If by any chance, you face issues with this type of writing, then you not take any stress; just reach out to online subject-matter experts. They will be all ready to help you deal with this task without any stress and score high grades too.