Vitamin C is known for its miraculous effect on skincare. It helps slow down skin aging, reverse sun damage, and improve the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles, and acne. Skincare experts thus advise using a Vitamin C-enriched Cream to treat issues like premature aging, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging.

Vitamin C naturally has multiple anti-aging effects and skin brightening properties that impact a radiant glow on the skin. It also has antioxidants that fight harmful radicals from the external environment (such as pollution) or even inside the body (as a part of metabolism). Free radicals can damage the skin cells and make them look saggy and dull. So, using vitamin C face cream is a way to combat free radicals and enhance the skin’s texture.

Normally your skin has multiple layers made of vitamins named dermis and epidermis, where these nutrients are moved from the bloodstream. Aging, pollution, and exposure to UVA and UVB rays can affect the vitamin availability in the skin. Oral intake of Vitamin C is beneficial for health, but its topical application is considered the best for improving skin tone and texture. 

Advantages of using a Vitamin C Cream on the face

  1. Reduces dark spots

Vitamin C can diminish dark spots on the skin by blocking melanin production. Melanin is accountable for giving color to the skin. The skin brightening properties of vitamin C also work on hyperpigmentation, giving you an even skin tone. 

  1. Prevents wrinkles and fine lines

The presence of wrinkles and fine lines makes you look older. Vitamin C works beautifully to prevent those annoying signs of aging by boosting collagen production and synthesis. The studies have linked the benefits of applying vitamin C cream with reduced signs of aging and smoothening of the skin. 

  1. Safeguards your skin against sun exposure 

Prolonged UVA and UVB exposure can profoundly affect your skin tone and hair. The signs of sun exposure on your skin include tanning, redness of the skin, irritation, and inflammation. 

Using vitamin C in your morning routine (along with vitamin E) can help prevent the skin from sun damage. And for hair, you should try to cover them with a scarf or hat when stepping out. Also, use a good quality hair serum for women to lock in moisture.

  1. Promotes skin hydration

Vitamin C provides your skin with a boost of hydration and locks in moisture. Ascorbic acid retains water in the skin and prevents it from becoming dry. 

  1. Improves skin elasticity

It helps produce collagen, a vitamin that helps make skin more elastic, young, and glowing. The skin becomes smoother, tighter, and firm with more collagen production and elasticity. 

  1. Wards off acne

Vitamin C cream is also beneficial for the skin due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It controls sebum production to prevent acne and pimples. Besides, it also reduces inflammation, redness, irritation, and rashes on the skin. 

When to apply Vitamin C Face Cream: AM or PM?

Vitamin C enriched products work the best at night and are safer also. Using the vitamin C cream at night protects your skin against the risk of photosensitivity and allows the ingredients to penetrate. 

We recommend dabbing some vitamin c face cream using your fingertips and applying it on your face and neck. It is best to leave it overnight. You may wash it off the next day and follow it with sunscreen for maximum skin protection. 

The Dos and Don’ts of using Vitamin C on your skin

With the many benefits of vitamin C on your skin, it is essential to know things right to get the most out of this miraculous ingredient. 

Do: Vitamin C is considered the illuminating skin agent because of its exfoliating properties. It also renders your skin sensitive to sun exposure so assure yourself by applying an SPF the next morning. 

Don’t: If you have started to use this ingredient, you should not use any skin care product that contains retinol. Both the ingredients have two different pH levels, so they don’t go well together and may irritate your skin. 

Do: Though there is no specific formula on when to use vitamin C, you can use vitamin c cream in your night care skin regimen, while vitamin c serum can be used in the daytime, containing active ingredients. 

Don’t: Vitamin C is found in creams, serums, and other skincare products. So don’t limit yourself to only one formulation. 

Which is the best Vitamin C Face Cream?

When it comes to finding the best for your skin, Mamaearth has taken our trust to the next level. This MadeSafe-certified brand offers a wide range of toxin-free skincare products with formulations that do not harm or irritate your skin. 

The brand’s hair care regimen features natural and safe ingredients. You can also check out its website for hair oils, shampoo, conditioners, and hair serums for women and men. 

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  • Vitamin C Face Cream

A bucket full of nourishing ingredients like Vitamin C, Niacinamide, and others, assures that your skin brightens and lightens up with no signs of aging. This Vitamin C Cream has SPF 20 and is lightweight in the application. It provides hydration, gives your face the required illumination, repairs skin cells, and helps you get healthy-looking skin. 

  • Vitamin C Night Cream

Crafted with special ingredients such as Vitamin C, Gotu Kola, Niacinamide, and Soya Bean, this night cream is lightweight and helps fade the dark spots. It helps restore the skin’s natural radiance, and you will feel it when you wake up the next morning. 

It helps boost collagen production, giving you firm and plumper skin. The night cream keeps your skin moisturized for the whole night and helps you regain a lost youthful glow. 

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To sum it up!

Using Vitamin C Cream on your face is the best way to keep your skin feeling youthful and glowing. Vitamin C is an immense skin ingredient that helps retain lost skin radiance. You may apply it every day but if you feel a bit tingling on your skin, use only a tiny amount first and then increase it gradually. Here is wishing you a brightened skin experience with vitamin c, the best skin whitening ingredient!