Do you love to wear eyeglasses as separate from your overall routine? Then you are a person who now about eyeglasses more than a normal person. Eyeglasses are considered a final touch of your personality and they enhance your look as well.

Shopping for new eyeglasses for yourself is not an easy task as there are a lot of eyeglasses for men available in the market now. A new set of frames which is an updated version with quality details enhances your vision and keep your eyes healthy.

There are diverse factors that should keep in mind when you go to buy popular glasses for men for yourself like specs of eyeglasses, your face shape and are they meet modern trends not.

Which Eyeglass Frame Will Suit Which Face Shape?

Seven face shapes are very common and they are oval, round, square, diamond, oblong, triangle and heart face shapes. There is no hard and fast set of rules for wearing eyeglasses for different shapes however some details should help in choosing the right pair of frames.

Here we have provided details of popular glasses for men that look perfect on different face shapes and make good contact among the forehead, upper face part and chin. By reading this you can select a good pair of glasses for yourself.

  • For the oval face shape, an angular pair of glasses will look perfect and make a good contrast. If you wish to try other frames you can go for frames with strong browline.
  • For a round face shape, a square shape frame will look good. An angular pair of eyeglasses will fit perfectly on your face.
  • For oblong face shape, square type frames will match up your personality very much. Eyeglasses with sharp corners will create a great balance. 
  • For square face shape, we recommend rounded pair of frames. This will enhance your facial beauty however if you do not satisfy with this you can choose a frame which has a straight brow line. These glasses are straight from the upside but rounded from the downside.
  • Triangle face shape has a pointed chin and jaws and a pair of rounded eyeglasses will help to contrast them. They act too soft you’re your chin and jaws but if you don’t satisfy with it you can go for a square frame with corners that are not much sharp.
  • Heart face shape is very common and the sense of dressing and taste will decide which pair of glasses are best.
  • For diamond face shape, oval and round type glasses will make a great balance between your narrow forehead and angular jawline.

Popular Glasses For Men

Here are some popular glasses for men that are trending in 2022. Ray-Ban, Balenciaga, Persol, Matsuda, Guess, Calvin Klein, Dior, Gucci, Kuboraum, Moscot, Ace & Tate, Monc and many others as well.

Eyeglasses of different types are available in the market but when you go for brands you will find quality eyeglasses with quality features. You can try different eyeglasses if you feel bored of wearing the same type of eyeglasses.