Sometimes when organizing events, you find yourself with so little time. You need to get the perfect venue, organize tickets, advertise, and plan for activities. The list could go on and on. Amidst all these tasks, you have the issue of security to worry about.

Many people fail to implement security measures and end up running events with no fire exits, health protocols, capacity control, and general safety measures. 

In such cases, avoidable security threats ruin the fun or, even worse, risk the lives of guests. 

Suppose your event falls under the following criteria. In that case, it’s a clear sign that you need to bring in security not only for the safety of the attendees but also for your credibility and legal protection. 

  1. It’s a Closed Event

The type of event you’re planning will determine the security needed. When planning for a closed event, all your guests must be screened before admission. 

For such events, the guards must check all the guests and verify their credentials against the pre-screened list. You will need to hire specialized security personnel who can thoroughly conduct an identity check and identify intruders.

Even if your event doesn’t require thorough screening, hiring specialists guarantees the safety of your guests by ensuring no ammunition or arms find their way to the event.

Sometimes people don’t have to be armed, but they may exhibit strange behavior, which may affect the other attendees. Having experts who can identify unusual behavior and deal with sensitive situations is necessary for the event to succeed.  

  1. It’s a Big Event

Depending on the size of the occasion and the type of venue, you may be required to acquire the services of professional guards. 

When dealing with large crowds, security often becomes necessary due to the increased chances of disturbances. Some of the things to worry about when it comes to big events are:

  • Theft
  • Altercations
  • Damages
  • Intruders
  • Rowdiness
  1. There Are Venue Requirements

The event site may also prompt you to get extra security. If you’re hosting an event in areas with a history of insecurity, it becomes necessary to secure that venue.

Additionally, your venue of choice may have special rules requiring safety measures, including security personnel.

For example, an exhibition on private property may need extra security due to owner requirements. 

  1. It Takes Place at Night

Nighttime occasions are not as safe or secure as daytime ones. If your event is a nighttime affair, you may have to consider beefing up security for the comfort of the attendees.

You may even go without proper security protocols during the day, but it gets riskier when the event occurs at night or carries on late into the night.

  1. It’s a Hyped Event

Is your event popular? 

If yes, then you need to hire security. 

An event that’s expected to create an unforgettable experience, maybe because it’s been advertised as such, may also attract unwanted characters looking to take advantage.

Keep in mind that perception sells. If your upcoming event is creating a lot of buzz, stationing visible guards at multiple locations may be what you need to keep things under control.

The first point of contact between attendees and your event is at the entrance. And nothing screams organization and security more than having uniformed, friendly but vigilant guards at the entrance and exit points.  

  1. You Expect Special Guests

If you’re expecting high-profile individuals, security should be a top priority. Special guests like corporate personalities, artists, politicians, and celebrities tend to increase safety concerns.

Many of these VIP individuals have personal protection. Still, as the person in charge of the upcoming occasion, you need to dial up the overall security detail since you’re responsible for the safety of your guests.

Remember, unlike ordinary attendees, high-profile ones can attract unwelcome attention. Worst case scenarios, criminals may take your event as an opportunity to target the VIP guests.


Adequate and effective security is both a deterrent and solution to many causes of event failure. The above signs make it advisable to hire security for your event. 

During the planning process, keep the type of event in mind to determine what form of security you need and what level of protection is suitable.

A comprehensive event security plan will ensure both the organizers and guests relax and enjoy the event.