Spring is a wonderful season to drive and get started on outdoor activities after a long and cold winter when all you wished for was a cozy day spent indoors.

But once spring arrives, it’s about time to roll up your sleeves and prepare your car for getting around often.

Many people assume spring cleaning is about getting rid of the winter mess inside and outside your car.

We believe it’s more than just a routine wash. Therefore, we have gathered six of the best cleaning tips that would make your car sparkly and roadworthy for spring.

1.    Do a Repair job

Winter is likely to leave your car body with scratches that bother you.

Minor scratches can be repaired at home if you have the right paint mixture. However, serious body damage will require paying a visit to a body shop.

Apart from the body, your car might also need an electronic and recall update. Your car dealer is likely to fix this at zero cost. So make sure to pay them a visit.

Checking for leaks is just as crucial in ensuring every part of your engine is clean and functioning properly. Your mechanic can check whether the brake fluid, coolant, or transmission fluids are leaking or not. Leaking fluids will only stress you and cut your trips short if not sorted. 

You really want to be careful with the repairs to avoid serious problems on the road. In case of a crash or something as serious, you want to be legally on the safe side.

2.    Clear the Trunk

You better do away with the winter mess. Replace the small shovel and winter boots with a gallon of water and other spring essentials. 

It is also an excellent time to make sure you have a complete first aid kit as you will be hanging out more.

While clearing the trunk, you might want to confirm whether your car tire is still in good condition or not.

3.    Replace the Wipers

Your wiper blades are probably the biggest victims of winter wear and tear.

The end of the rough winter snow and ice doesn’t mean you don’t need functional wipers.

During your cleaning, make sure to check if your windshield wipers are worn.

Do your wipers leave streaks on the screen when wet?

If yes, then you need to replace them.

Procrastinating to get new wipers will only leave you vulnerable when the intense spring showers start. 

4.    Extra Care for the Windows

Apart from the wipers, your windows also need extra care for protecting you from the winter snow.

A rough winter can leave your car windows with scratches that need fixing. The good news is not all scratches mean getting a new car window.

You can take your car to a trusted auto glass repair shop for scratch removal services. The dealer will determine whether you need a scratch-filling service or a new window. 

5.    Carpet Cleaning and Replacement

Winter has a way of damaging floor mats.

Before you consider giving your mats a deep clean, check their condition. If they need replacing, then it’s time to go for the ultra-tough floor mats that will get you through spring.

If your mats are fine, use a stiff brush to thoroughly clean and loosen any dirt debris or snack remnants attached to the carpet fibers.  

6.    Thorough Cleaning

We saved the best for last- time for a thorough cleaning job.

Roll up your sleeves, and begin with the windows. Make sure you are using good car cleaning solutions and water. When cleaning, the entire car body gets a thorough wash using the solution except for bumpers and roof pillars.

Use water and soap only for the bumpers and roof pillars. Mild abrasive solutions will also come in handy in removing stains.

During the cleaning process, focus on the undersides of your car and any areas where salt can accumulate.

Also, pay special attention to the wheels and underneath areas where salt can collect.

You can consider waxing and polishing your car to give it a little extra glow when you are done.


Your vehicle will need more than the regular soap wash this spring if you are looking to have an uninterrupted spring break trip.

Follow the tips above to ensure your car is not only clean but also roadworthy. Let’s get you started!