Without any doubt, video has become the most powerful medium of video marketing among marketers. It has become integral to every business when conveying the brand message to the target audience.

There was a time when video remained out of reach of small businesses. That is not the case anymore with the proliferation of online video editors. It is within the grasp of most businesses with extensive features, themes, and templates. In this blog, we look at how cloud-based video editors are advantageous:

Benefits of Cloud-based Video Editors

1.       Easy Collaboration

Most online video editing platforms come with a cloud-first approach allowing real-time collaboration within the team irrespective of the location. This also means you can facilitate real time-sharing with the clients to solicit their comments on the same.

Multiple users can work on the same project, view the latest version, and make changes from any part of the world. Besides this, in a cloud-based platform, there is no need for the team to come together to work on a project.

2.       Simple Hardware Configurations

It is known that desktop-based editing software requires high-end computers with sophisticated frameworks and processing speeds to run smoothly. In contrast, online video editors have no such requirements as the processing happens on central servers and not on localized devices.

The only requirement from the user’s end is a working computer and a good internet connection. In addition, one can access the online video platform from any device. It could be a desktop, mobile, laptop, or smartphone.

3.       Automatic Updates

Technology is evolving at a breakneck pace, and the same can be said about different software such as online video editors. The user would prefer to operate the latest version when operating any software. Therefore, there are new updates and feature getting included now and then. 

The same process applies to an online video platform. However, there is no need at the user’s end to update the software manually as the event happens automatically. Instead, new templates are consistently added to the video collection for them to be used by the end-user. This allows users to create cool videos with a video editor where the video editing can be done easily with specialized features.

4.       Convenient

Online video editors or cloud-based editors come with a built-in capacity to accommodate changes and edits from anywhere and at any time. This means one can undertake changes right in the middle of a meeting to see the effects of suggestions put forth. There can even be changes in the middle of a brainstorming session.

Video projects that involve multiple stakeholders can be monitored for numerous changes, and various versions of the same project can be saved within the software to check for previous versions. Moreover, online video editing platforms easily integrate with external stock libraries that let you add missing elements to the video. In the current scenario, most video editors have the built-in capacity to publish videos directly to various social media channels while exporting the final video output to multiple video formats. Such videos can be easily edited with a video editor, and video editing can be done without any additional effort.  

5.       Easy File Sharing

In most desktop software, it is necessary to send heavy files over the internet or store them in third-party locations for them to be downloaded. While this is a cumbersome process, no such requirement is needed for online editing platforms. Online platforms have powerful file management capabilities that prevent the need for files to be downloaded to be shared with clients, teams, or customers.

Today, most editing tools come with easy organizing, sorting, and retrieving project files. In addition, current versions of online editors can easily integrate with social media channels that facilitate easy sharing of video content then and there. 

6.       Cost-Effective Solutions

Usually, large enterprises operate on huge budgets, employ multiple video editors, and use expensive software and equipment to execute their video marketing activities. However, cloud-based online video editing can be done at a fraction of this cost. Moreover, it can be easily utilized by smaller businesses who want to undertake decent video marketing activities.

Most of the video tools are available for free on most video editing platforms. However, additional features will require the user to pay a small fee. Nevertheless, this will enable them to create slick videos at par with the established players in the market. Furthermore, since the software runs on the web browser, there is no need to invest in specialized software to run the online video editor, thereby adding cost savings.

7.       Improves Productivity and Saves Time

Regardless of whether you are creating a video for YouTube or any other social media channel, the chances of success are not guaranteed. Mostly, the video does not translate to desired results. Looking from this perspective and the amount of time and effort getting invested, the prospect of creating a video can seem daunting.  

That being said, making videos on online platforms consumes relatively less time and requires relatively less effort. You can even create videos daily without the added fatigue seen in traditional video editing software. Moreover, there is less need for “context switching” in unified cloud-based solutions, which is the need to navigate various apps and tools.

8.       Zero Compatibility Issues

An online cloud-based video editing platform is built to run on the web browser without it getting limited to the demands of the operating system. Most of the online tools on the platform are made to work the same across Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.

Such compatibility makes the software not encounter problems associated with different speeds of desktop-based software applications. Furthermore, all the processing and rendering happens in the cloud, so the end-user benefits with amazing speed and processing power regardless of the device and operating system.

Final Thoughts

There used to be a time when video marketing was limited to bigger players with deep pockets for marketing and associated activities. That is no longer the case with the advent of cloud-based video editors. It has transformed the domain into a level playing field where even the smallest of businesses can utilize online video editors to their advantage to create amazing video content to compete with the established players in the market. On top of it all, it has given the power back to the end-user, who is only restricted by their creativity and imagination.