The golden desert of Dubai is a goal for fun lovers and travel enthusiasts. Besides exploring the Emirati wonders of Dubai at the city side, wandering on the camel’s hump far and wide desert is exotic. If you’ve made a move to visit this sublime conserve of Dubai, you must be wondering about the attire of the tourists. 

Considering the climate conditions and tenor of the high sand dunes, we have set a list of what to wear at desert safari Dubai. This will help you out in selecting the best ensembles which withstand the madness over there as well as complement your photographs.

Following are the best attiring tips a visitor should follow to enjoy the fullest of adventure at desert safari Dubai in a veil of perfect clothing.

Getting Ready for a Desert Safari Dubai Trip

  1. Wear Comfortable Clothes

Explore the desert in comfortable clothing that can withstand its mini dust storms. Desert safari Dubai is hot during the day and temperature falls to a shivering extent at night. So wear something that can withstand both. Wear loose trousers and light jeans, a cotton and linen material is good to withstand the morning desert safari weather.

Some men prefer shorts which are a bad option as most of the time you’ll be in air conditioned jeeps and camps. Also, shorts keep you uncomfortable while camel riding and sand boarding. However, loose fitting tops are better to carry over jeans or trousers. 

For ladies, skirts are good if you want striking snaps but a bad option if you want to enjoy all the sand activities without any difficulty or hindrance.Wear notable prints that highlight in the desert’s limelight. As, the beige landscape of the desert will make you stand out.

A jumpsuit and stretchable pants are also a good option to keep you comfortable.

As you know the UAE has a dress code set, keeping that in mind, wear a t-shirt or a full sleeves shirt with knee-length bottoms. Wear something with which you can take part in the sand activities. Not just photographs are a purpose of being on safari.

  1. Accessories to Carry 

To remain protected, to click amazing photographs, and to stand out, these are the motives of keeping accessories. A scarf is a great idea that complies with it. Wrap it around your face to remain protected from dust and heat waves in the afternoon. Or just carry it with your dress code. It adds an enhancement to your looks. You can buy the arabain sheikh style scarf from the local shops there and use it as a prop during falconry.

Sunglasses are a must carry for protection as well to use as prop for photography and to make you look chic. Being in shade is important so carry your shades and a hat too. Towels and extra rags are also necessary if you are bringing kids. Carrying a backpack or a sling while on your way to the destination also looks cool and gives a traveler’s vibe. Also, a backpack is super spacious than other hand carries which will fit in a good amount of stuff that never diminishes for a traveler. 

A hoodie, poncho, or a pullover is good for enjoying the morning and overnight desert safari at the best so that you’ll not get a cold and will be able to enjoy all live shows at night..

  1. Footwear

As you are headed to dune bashing in the jeep, boots and sneakers are okay. 

To walk over the high sand dunes with stability, you should go for sports shoes, sneakers, or light boots. Flip flops are comfy but not fancy footwear in any case. But soft sandals and flip flops are the best to carry more than sneakers as the sand stucks in the closed sneakers. 

This is the drawback of wearing closed shoes however they assure grip. But you can overcome this with good quality sandals. Your feet will remain submerged in the sand ocean all time so it’s better to keep them as free and open as possible. Flip Flops and softies are good to assure this.

  1. Keep A Cape Ready

 A lightweight jacket or cape is a must-grab when you opt for an overnight or morning desert safari in Dubai. The temperature gets freezing cold when the sun sets, so keep a set of warm accessories to remain protected from getting cold. Hoodies are a good option to stand in both day and night. Also, colourful shawls or those contrasting with your dress code are good to be donned by ladies. Because these ensembles are protective and look graceful as well.

  1. Skin Protection

Do not put on heavy make up as this will leave your skin sweating or patches leaving you uncomfortable. Keep sunscreen on to avoid getting tanned which is the first fear of people out on a barren, specially ladies. A lip balm and all other hydration accessories are a must keep because the sun can cause real trouble.In the arid climate of the desert, your lips tend to crack due to dust and dryness. Protect your skin from getting sunburned using a lip balm and sunscreen that should be water based and non greasy. 


Wear whatever you want but take care of what the dress code a place demands. Queries keep on hitting whenever people are out to visit an astonishing place like desert safari in Dubai. Do your research, grab the camera, and celebrate being safari in vivid colors with great zeal.

Keep a secure arrangement of your valuables so as not to vanish them in the sand sea or miss them during a roller coaster jeep ride while dune bashing and other sandsport. Minimize the chance of later regrets of not working on a dress code of desert safari Dubai like others. Not every can make it to the home of golden dunes so enjoy your few aesthetic hours at desert safari Dubai with supreme comfort in easy-to-carry clothing.